The EXPERIENCE University

How do I register for The EXPERIENCE University?
Click on the registration link on the Live Webinar page or on the On-Demand page. The link will take you to a registration page on GoToWebinar where you can register and make a payment.

How much does it cost to attend The EXPERIENCE University?
Registration for The EXPERIENCE University is a great buy! The cost to register ranges from $10-$299, depending on registration type when you register.

What does my registration include?
Live Webinar is at least 3 hours of education online and includes 3 hours of Continuing Education Credits (CEC’s) from the IICRC. On-Demand Webinars are online education for a great price! They are approximately 45 minutes each and include 1 hour of IICRC CEC’s. Information will include cleaning, restoration, hard surfaces, business management, health and wellness, rugs, science, demo’s and round table discussions.

I’m having trouble joining the webinar session, where can I find help?
Be sure that you have gone through the registration process on we webinar registration page including entering your name, email, and payment form. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to access the webinar. If you have completed these steps and still are having difficulties accessing the webinar, look for answers on the GoToWebinar support website. GoToWebinar Support

I am having Audio Trouble, how do I fix it?
From GoToWebinar support website: If there is echo, static, feedback or any other unwanted noise on the audio connection during your meeting, there are several common issues that could be causing it. Most often, audio feedback is caused by an improper placement of hardware or a misconfiguration of software settings. To get help with solutions, go to

If you are having trouble connecting with the audio of the live webinar, check your audio connection in the webinar to be sure you have selected the Computer Mode for audio connection. Otherwise you can use your phone to call in to the webinar with the phone number listed under audio or in the email confirmation. If you are still having connection issues, disconnect from the webinar and log back in or go to for more suggestions.

How do I ask a question during a Live webinar?
Attendees of the live webinars can ask questions of the organizers or presenters in the questions box during the webinar. Presenters and Organizers will answer the questions during the live webinar. If your question is not answered, contact The EXPERIENCE office and our team will connect you with the presenter.

How do I ask a question of the presenter from an On-Demand webinar?
Contact The EXPERIENCE office and our team will connect you with the presenter to ask your question.

Who should attend from my organization?
The EXPERIENCE University is for the owners, manager, and the technician. There is something here for everyone. There are educational programing, live demonstration sessions, products/tool reviews and discounts from sponsors for online purchases, plus give away!

Do I get any sort of continuing education credits for attending?
Yes! IICRC gives continuing education credits hours to those that participate in The EXPERIENCE University. Live Webinars include 3 hours of Continuing Education Credits (CEC’s) from the IICRC. On-Demand Webinars include 1 hour of IICRC CEC’s. A list of Attendees will be sent to IICRC from THe Experience University.

Do I have to sign up for each of The EXPERIENCE University webinars?
There are multiple ways to register for the EXPERIENCE University webinars. You can register for the full program and receive an individual code to join each webinar or you can pay and sign up for individual On-Demand and Live Webinars. If you register for full program, you will have to enter your information with code on each webinar registration to receive the webinar link.

Can I get a refund for my registration fees?
Only if guidelines are met within our refund policy. You can, however, transfer your registration to another webinar.

THE EXPERIENCE UNIVERSITY ATTENDEE REFUND POLICY: The EXPERIENCE University webinars are not refundable. No-shows are not refundable. Transfer to a future event must be requested in writing prior to the event. Substitutions are acceptable. If The EXPERIENCE determines it to be impractical or inadvisable to hold the event for any reason, including terrorism, acts of war, or other events commonly categorized as force majeure, The EXPERIENCE shall have the right to cancel the event. The Experience may, at its sole discretion, choose to cancel an event due to low attendance or other unforeseen circumstances. In this case, we will notify you via the listed email address and/or telephone number provided at registration. Should The EXPERIENCE cancel they will refund money collected from the registrant. If, for any reason, The EXPERIENCE Event is cancelled, The EXPERIENCE accepts no responsibility for covering travel, hotel or other costs incurred by registered attendee. Written request for refunds or to transfer funds to the next show will be honored, less expenses for the event. If the event is cancelled because of Government Action, a refund will be available less expenses. The EXPERIENCE reserves all right to enforce this policy as deemed necessary and reserves the right to revise this policy at any time and without notification.

What can I win during the webinars?
The EXPERIENCE University webinars include sponsorship giveaways. Giveaways will include products, discounts, and more!

How do I make the most out of my time at The Experience University?
You will only get out of The EXPERIENCE University what you put into it. Be sure to attend each webinar to get the most out of your experience and take advantage of asking questions of the presenters during the Live events. The EXPERIENCE University team will send you a link to rewatch the webinars following the recordings so you can really get the most out of the education.

How do I register more than 1 person?
Each person will have to register individually by email to attend the webinars.

Why am I having trouble registering additional people?
You most likely are trying to use the same email address for each person. Each attendee needs to use a separate email address. If you are still having difficulties, contact The EXPERIENCE Staff at 888-881-1001.

I never received a confirmation.
This could be for the following reasons: 1.) you did not hit the final submit button and your registration was never completed 2.) your email address you entered was incorrect 3.) our emails are not on your safe list and our confirmations are being blocked or 4.) there could be mistake on our end so you may need to contact us and we can assist you. 5.) Check your spam folder. 6.) You may have in a previous show selected the OPT-ED OUT button; you will not receive a confirmation.

I already registered. Now I would like to add an additional class or party ticket. How can I do that?
Each webinar will have a separate registration page that you will need to sign up through. If you registered for the full webinar package, enter the code you have been assigned to join the webinar.

If you have any questions, please call THE EXPERIENCE, INC. at 888-881-1001 x 102,
or 303-469-0306 x 102 for more information.


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